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Why Buy Carpet From Us?

We offer the best products and custom the installation to provide a unique service for each and every project. We are Kenny's CUSTOM Flooring!

What Is The Value Of Having Carpet In A Room?

Carpet offers décor versatility, warmth, insulation, energy savings, comfort, air quality improvement, excellent noise dampening properties, a safe; non slip surface, ease of maintenance and value for money. It also has style options that other types of flooring can not provide. Carpet is usually less expensive than most hard surface options too!

Can Carpet Help With Allergies?

While walking on hard surface flooring releases air pollutants, a well maintained carpet actually helps improve indoor air quality (IAQ). Acting as a filter, it traps allergens in its face fiber. These particles are prevented from being circulated into the breathing zone and contained until vacuumed away. Clean carpet. Cleaner air.

How Can Carpet Reduce Noise Level?

One study by the American Society of Interior Designers reveals that carpet absorbs sound 10 times more efficiently than other flooring options—improving acoustics and concentration.

How Has Carpet Changed Over The Past Several Decades?

Carpet fibers have evolved and improved dramatically over the last several decades. Manufacturing techniques, new improved fibers, heat setting, solution dyeing, and stain protections are among some of the improvements we have seen over the last several decades.

What To Consider When Choosing Between Different Carpets?

Several things need to be considered when selecting the right carpet for your home. At Kenny's Custom Flooring we interview each customer and physically inspect each project area to find the right product for our customers. Style, traffic, uses, and lighting are among some the things that must be considered to make sure we find the right custom carpet for every job.

What Does The Carpet Installation Process Entail?

Carpet installation includes removal of existing carpet and pad, (sometimes) floor preparation, new installation, seaming and power stretching. Kenny's can also help with furniture, stairs and many other custom options our customers may need. Carpet installation time varies by project, but we will let you know before installation a reasonable schedule. We do provide carpet for "do it yourself" customers, but we recommend our professional installers to make sure it's done right and to ensure all warranties are available.

What About The Disposal Of Old Carpet?

Kenny's Custom Flooring provides removal and disposal of your existing flooring and we recycle whenever possible.

Carpet Care And Maintenance Tips?

Kenny's Custom Flooring provides care and maintenance tips by each of our manufacturers for every product we sell. Regular cleaning and the proper cleaning schedule are keys to maximizing the life of your new flooring. Professional cleaning is often required to keep warranties up to date.

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